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Gary Halbert's 80th anniversary Las Vegas Seminar Emails

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Digital Product Business Launch Coaching Offer

$50B mistake of Apple's "unknown" co-founder...

The #1 secret to closing a sale

Don't bring your tiny "knife" to a marketing gun fight!

Steal Your Marketing Hero's Funnel! (Beat the guru) 

Gary Halbert's Miami Mini Seminar Pre-sell Page

I have plenty more.

But these puppies alone are responsible for about $5M in sales.

(Some of those were turned into automated emails and they keep making money for my clients day in - day out.)

Now, I've written thousands of emails for all kinds of products in the IM/business niche.

But uploading even a tiny fraction of those (the absolute best performers) takes time.

And I really get anxiety attacks when fumbling around WordPress desperately trying to find the right buttons to click on.

(I'm a bit tech... challenged.) 

If you'd like to see more samples, email me at

I'll send them over.

Thank you.