50b mistake

Subject Line: Are you making a $95B mistake?


Few people know that In 1976 a guy named Ronald Wayne joined Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, who were 21 and 25 at the time, to provide Apple with “adult supervision”. 

He did it in exchange for a 10 percent stake in the business.

Wayne provided administrative oversight and documentation. 

Not only that, he even drew Apple's very first logo! 

Anyways, after spending just a couple of weeks with Jobs and Wozniak he sold his 10% share in Apple for... $800!

If he did NOT, now his shares in Apple would be worth... drum rolls, please...

$95 billion dollars!

Wayne retired to a mobile home park in Pahrump, Nevada. 

There he sells stamps and rare coins and plays penny slots at a casino.

Not exactly a billionaire lifestyle, is it?

Fact is, at the end of the day...

That $800 he made from selling his 10% share went on to cost him $95 billion dollars!


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