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Subject: Shift their mind and make em' buy

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In his now-classic book on sales, “Secrets of Closing a sale”, legendary sales trainer, late Zig Ziglar breaks down...

One of the most powerful tactics for dealing with the price objection

[Pay attention - this is an electrifyingly-effective - yet heavily-overlooked - technique... you can use in your own marketing to sell products in droves!]

It’s a technique he called, “The Cost Close.”

Whenever a prospect would argue that the cost of the product was too high, Zig would ask him something to this effect:

"Mr prospect, since it's obvious you're concerned with price, let me ask you this: are you truly concerned with price or the cost?"

The prospect would usually respond, 

"What do you mean, am I talking about price or cost?? What is the difference!?"

Then, Zig would go on to tell the story of how he once went out to buy a bicycle for his son. 

First, he went to a high-end bicycle shop.

There he was shocked to see a $74.95 price tag

(Pay attention - this is important.)

This was back in 1971 when $74.95 represented a lot of money. 

Back then, no sensible parent could justify spending that much on a bicycle for a six-year-old boy.

So they headed off to a discount store and bought a cheaper bike for $24.95

Two weeks went by.

Zig was back in the discount store.

He was about to buy a new pair of handlebars. 

This cost him $7. 

Another few weeks passed.

He was back in the discount store AGAIN. 

This time, the entire sprocket arrangement had completely collapsed. 

He had to shell out $15 to repair it. 

This went on for a while until it downed on Zig that....

He had spent more on all the repairs than it would cost him to... get the expensive bike right away! 

So he went out and bought his son the bicycle for $74.95. 

He never spent another penny on bike repairs again.


The moral of the story is this:

Often things we pay less to get end up costing us more in the long run. 

So it’s often sensible to go for the expensive option right from the get-go.


I know a lot of people don’t use videos in their marketing because it’s expensive. 

(Creating one decent-looking marketing video can run you anywhere from $500-$1000.) 

But the cost of not using videos is painfully-high too!

In fact...

Every day you’re not using videos in your marketing...

You are leaving huge piles of cash on the table! 

Conversely, text-based content is cheap

(Especially if you’re writing it yourself.) 

On the flip side, though, unless you’re a top-pro copywriter...

It is far harder to convert prospects with written content than it is with videos. 

So... THE COST of written content is high!

What’s more, a bad VIDEO often outpulls amazing written copy. 

You know why?


Because people's attention spans are ridiculously low. 

Unlike text, video instantly attracts their attention and requires ZERO effort to consume your message. 

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