Subject: You won't fail online - I've got proof!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This has been the most inspirational story I read last year. It has shifted my mindset in more ways than I can describe. And it allowed me to make more money than I did in my entire life.

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Dick Fosbury - was an ambitious, young high-jumper in the 1960s. 

He had an overwhelming goal of becoming an Olympic gold medalist.

The problem was he was mediocre at best. 

He lacked talent. 

What’s more… he didn’t even have the required physical ability for the sport.

He was ridiculed by his peers.

His coach told him he’d never amount to anything.

His family begged him to stop and get a real job.

You see, the entire point of high-jumping is to jump over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights without dislodging it.

Fosbury physically couldn’t do it.

The main technique for high jumping back then was the “upright scissors technique.” 

It involved running straight toward the bar while facing it... jumping... and then lifting your legs higher than the bar while you leapt over it.

Fusbury’s legs were too long. 

And he was unable to jump as high as his peers.

So he’d always clip the bar. 

This basically rendered him useless for the sport. 

Let alone the Olympics. 

And it made his dream of winning a gold medal “foolish” at best.

Then... he hacked the system! 

Oh, boy did he hack the hell out of it!

He did an experiment one day. 

Instead of jumping forward like everyone else... 

He jumped backward!

His coach begged him to stop. “You can’t do it. It won’t work. You’ll embarrass us all!

Then he saw Fusbury flip backward in a freshman competition. 

He said, “Ok, let’s try it.

Soon enough… using his awkward high-jumping technique... 

Fosbury went on to win the Olympic gold medal at 1968 Olympics!

Now almost every athlete in the sport uses his technique now known as the “Fosbury Flop.”

First, they laughed. Then they envied. Then they imitated. 

The odds were stacked against Fusburry. 

In every possible sense. 

He didn’t have the required athletic prowess. 

He didn’t have the necessary experience.

(He was just 21 when he won the Olympic gold medal.)

In fact, there were much… MUCH... better athletes than him at the time. 

But he hacked the system. He bent it to his own will.

Anyways, what does this have to do with YOU? 

More importantly, what does it have to do with YOUR ability to make money?

You see, to really make a bundle online you need a steady stream of high-quality leads.

And TODAY, with 3 billion users across the world, the best place to find high-quality leads are Facebook and Instagram.

But the problem is… the game is rigged against you. (Just like it has been for Fosbury.)

Facebook and Instagram heavily favor big-budget advertisers over small business owners.

They’re doing everything in their power to squeeze out as much money from small businesses as they possibly can. 

The game is called, “pay or quit.”

You either play by their rules. 

Or you quit.

They do this by reducing the organic reach so you can’t get your message across for free…

By turning its ad compliance into a ridiculously convoluted puzzle…

By cranking up ad costs…

But they don’t hold big-budget advertisers to the same standard.

The big fish can get away with Facebook ads violations you never could.

The organic reach of their posts is sky-high. Far higher than yours will ever be.

Because of all of this tons of small-business advertisers have dropped Facebook and Instagram ads altogether. At a massive loss. Desperate. Disappointed. 

But just like Fosbury, YOU, my friend, CAN hack the system. 

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But it puts you on a level of your own.

A level with almost no competition. 

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