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Subject Line: Don't bring a knife to a marketing gun fight!

Hey ,

Recently I was watching an old-time classic movie “Untouchables.” 

It’s based on the true story of how Treasury agent Eliot Ness brought down notorious Chicago mobster Al Capone during the prohibition days.

There Sean Connery plays a tuff-as-nails beat cop Jim Malone - a mentor to the main character. 

In one of the most famous scenes from that movie, Connery’s character confronts one of Capone's goons.

The hitman breaks into his apartment.

He’s slowly sneaking up on Malone from behind with a knife.

Malone is fiddling around in his kitchen. 

Drinking whiskey.

He’s relaxed.

Unsuspecting of the intrusion.

The goon slowly closes in on Malone. 

For a second it seems Malone is a goner.



Malone abruptly turns around and lo and behold - has a shotgun in his hands.

As he is chasing the terrified knife-armed thug out of his house with a shotgun...

He growls out one of the most famous movie lines ever... 

Always trust a wop to bring a knife to a gunfight!

Why am I telling you about this?

You see, by not leveraging video marketing… 

And settling for written content instead... 

You are really fighting with a knife against the Malones of the online marketing world.

Because your stronger, more powerful competitors have a big, nice video marketing budget.

And they’re leveraging it to create videos that grab YOUR prospect’s attention and convert them… like no written content can.

Now, In normal circumstances, if you locked horns with those marketing big-shots - you wouldn’t stand a chance.

After all - they have bigger video budgets - which means they can produce more videos… engage more customers… sell more products than you.

It would be like pulling out a tiny, funny swiss army knife against a tuff, prohibition-era Chicago cop holding you at gunpoint.

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