I give Areg a 5-star review for sure...

Bond Halbert -
Author of The Copywriting Classic "Halbert Copywriting Method V3"

Bond Halbert is the heir of the legendary copywriter Gary Halbert. He is also widely regarded to be the best copywriting teacher in the world. 

His book "Halbert Copywriting Method V3," published in 2018 became an instant copywriting classic. At the time of this writing over 100,000 people purchased this book on Amazon. 

This is a review Bond recorded for one of the first copies Areg wrote for Halberts. Over the last 3 years Areg has written over 20 sales copies, emails, ebooks and Facebook ads for thegaryhalbertletter.com and Halbertising.com along the way being mentored by Bond and becoming de facto the last copywriter trained by a Halbert.

Kevin R. Miller, President, Kronk Digital

Email: Kevin@kronkdigital.com


Last year Areg wrote a sales letter for a product launch for me that had a conversion rate of 9%! That may not sound too impressive, however, once you realize the selling price per unit - 1032 - it becomes immediately clear that it's very impressive. I made something like $41 for every $1 spent in marketing and advertising expenses. Areg and I continue to work on many projects together. In fact, he recently wrote a letter for my 10,000 per year platinum plus coaching club that secured an amazing 21% conversion rate! If you get a chance to hire him... don't think twice! Areg's copywriting and consulting services are essentially free... because... he makes you so much more money than you otherwise would. He could charge double what he does now and it'll still be a bargain. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Gary Wiggins, Founder of Shoal Marketing

Email: G.Wiggins@shoalmarketing.com


Areg is my personal marketing specialist. He is a pro. I, myself, have hired Areg to help me with several of my marketing campaigns - with great success. I'm impressed with his work and I know you will be, too!