Subject line #2 [winner]: Join this top-secret, elite marketing forces


Do you think making BIG money is easy? 

Well, there’s a very elite group of privileged marketers who DO NOT think it is. 

Please, let me explain:

You see, each member of this almost unknown group is a major, dominant success in his/her own niche. 

So when it comes to building fortunes… barely anyone can match their “wealth-engineering” talents. 

So, they don’t THINK making money is easy - they KNOW FOR a FACT IT IS. 

However, something else they know which most entrepreneurs don’t is… it’s only EASY if… 

You’re Let In On… The Most Jealously-Guarded Secrets To Creating Breathtakingly-Profitable Businesses!

But if so, how can YOU access these secrets and tap into the unlimited profit potential they hold for you? 

Well, the best way is to get them straight from those mastermind entrepreneurs I’m talking about. 

But, honestly, it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen. 

At least, not in normal circumstances.

You see, these guys are really like the “Elite Marketing Forces.”

You don’t hear about them a lot (if at all). 

They’re not in the spotlight in Facebook marketing communities. 

You won’t see them advertising “Overnight Millionaire” courses. 

They don’t give interviews and don’t participate in talk shows.

Neither do they get on stage screaming at the top of their lungs about their new marketing “discovery.”

They don’t need any of that. 

They sell millions of dollars worth of products without even mentioning their names. 

However, when it so happens, they detect a real profit potential in some market… and believe me, they DO detect it when they’re after it… what they do is…

Raid On The Market – Briskly! 

They Bust Down The Best-Locked Doors Holding The Fattest Profits…

They Seize Every Dime They Lay Their Eyes On… 


Before The Smoke Wears Off… 

Their Competitors Are Lying Face Down On The Floor, Shaking and Sniveling In Shock… Scared To Even Move!  

Not surprisingly, each member of “Elite Marketing Forces” happens to be the student, friend or business partner of my father – Gary Halbert. 

What’s more...

On June 14th, for the first time ever they’ll all gather together in one place to celebrate their commander’s, teacher’s and mentor’s 80th birthday! 

They’re doing that by holding an intense 8-hour seminar where they’ll be…

Revealing For The First Time Ever…

Every Bit Of Info You Need To Become The Member Of “Elite Marketing Forces” Yourself!

All you have to do is be there and sponge up what they have to share about their lifelong career in the deepest, richest marketing trenches!

To learn more, click the link below and watch the brief, 6-minute video about this event. 

There I, Kevin and Ben Simkin tell all about it and the members of “Elite Marketing Forces” who are going to be there. 

Click here to watch the video!

Yours truly,

Bond Halbert