Howdy the person who's reviewing applications from The Cult Of Copy (Or Google Forms?).

Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

For your convenience, on this page I've included 2 portfolio works which I feel are the most relevant to your vacancy. I have many more works in my portfolio. But, again, since I know time is of the essence, I only chose the absolute top-performers which... I think will give you a quick idea of whether I may be a good fit.

I apologize I have no way of knowing your name.

But I hope, you're having a great day.

You know what I also hope for? 

That after reviewing the works I've put together on this page your day will get even better!

No, no... I'm not so arrogant as to think the copies I write radiate positivity or something.

I mean this in the sense that after reviewing my works... you may come to conclusion you've found your copywriter... and you won't have to sift through MORE copies. Fingers crossed 🙂

Again - thanks for checking out my portfolio - here are a few works promoting coaching programs I wrote:

Subject Line: Work with me (personal)

Over the past 4 months I've generated $2M dollars from digital product launches.

Would you like to get your share of some of this money?

If so, this is going to be the most exciting message you'll read this entire year:

Hey ,

I noticed you’ve signed up for my new Meetvio training.

Now, I don't know if you had a chance to watch it till the end.

But during that training, I showed you how to squeeze out every last drop of value from your Meetvio account.

However, there, I revealed something else as well.

I announced that...

I'm looking to partner up with 9 one-on-one coaching clients!

And that I'm going to personally help these 9 people create and launch an ultra-profitable digital product business from scratch!

Would you like someone who has made $2M in digital product sales...

Over the past 4 months alone...

Personally ensure you get your own, high-profit digital business as soon as 2 months from now?

If so...

Click here to see how you can apply!

This is an extremely time-sensitive opportunity. 

Once the coaching spots are filled, you'll have to wait for another 6 months (minimum)... until I start taking on new students.

Apply now while you can!


Neil Napier

Kyvio, Mailvio, and Launchvio

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