CG reason why


Yesterday I told you very briefly about a new technology that converts YouTube videos into...

Unique, 100%-HUMAN (!), value-laden blog posts in 3 minutes!

With this tool, you can create dozens of pieces of ultra-valuable, keyword-optimized content literally in a push of a button.

And can you guess what having tons of valuable, keyword-optimized content will do to your website?


It will propel your site to the first page of Google for the target keywords!...

And... you’ll start getting scores of visitors, leads and sales for free!

This tool is also perfect for producing any value-content you’re ever going to write.

(Like emails, pre-sell content, educational content and so on.)

What’s more...

This app isn’t available on the market yet!

However, through long and tiresome negotiations I was able to carve out a special deal for my subscribers.

Within this deal you get to be among the first to take this app for a spin… and do it… at a dirt-cheap price!

Now, there are a few conditions you and I both have to meet for you to be able to take advantage of this offer.

First, you need to know how this weird deal came about in the first place:

Every once in a while I’m reached out by marketers who ask me to test and review some new software they developed.

Generally, if I give favorable feedback they follow up by asking me to promote the product to my list.

I typically turn down 95% of these offers.

However, sometimes, if I DO agree to test the product and IF I really DO like it... I may or may not share it with my list.

But this time it was different.

Once I tried this “video-to-blog-post-converter,” I loved it so much...

I was the one who offered the creators to promote it to my list!

And imagine my surprise when I heard back a cold “NO.”

No, they didn’t want me to promote this product to my list and bring them sales.

You see, as they explained to me, even though the product is fully ready for release, its marketing isn’t.

Their problem is, they’re not marketers.

They are software developers.

And they’re having a bit of a hard time creating sales letters, emails, branding this product and all that.

Thus, I made a counter-offer which went like this:

I help them with their marketing and in return they let me promote this product to my list at an extremely discounted price.

(My time is the most valuable thing I have to offer - and if I’m giving it away I want to make sure I’m doing it for the right reasons.)

Plus, my subscribers get full support from the very moment they sign up.

They agreed to my offer but put forward some conditions of their own:

Condition #1: I don’t get to mention the name of the product in my emails.

(Since I just started consulting them… and they’re not done with branding yet... the name of the product you’ll see on the sales page is subject to change. It may even change by the time you see the product page.)

Condition #2: I shouldn’t by any means single out any one of them as the creator of the product.

(They explained that since all 9 of them contributed to this project, I should either mention the names of all nine of them in every email (yeah, sure), or no names at all.

Condition #3: They will provide a unique link specifically for my subscribers.

And I should specifically stress that this is a private link and by no means you should share it with anyone else.

(I just did it.)

I agreed to all three of these conditions.

(Even though, honestly, the first two, don’t make any sense business-wise.)

Anyways, because I started using this product myself…

And because I’m getting so much value from it that I’m considering replacing a couple of my content writers with this app...

And since I’m 100% sure it will help you make tons of cash online without having to spend a single penny on ads…

I’m happy to announce that tomorrow...

You’ll get a chance to claim this tool at the cheapest price it will ever sell for the general public!

I’ll send you an email with all the details in 24 hours sharp.

Don’t miss that email.

This app may (and most likely will) become the best investment you’ll make in 2021!