100 clicks

Subject Line: Build a lifestyle business in 100 clicks

100 clicks per day.

That’s the only thing standing in your way of online success.

No matter what you sell (or want to sell) online

No matter your skills or experience level (or lack thereof)...

You only need 100 clicks per day to build a lifestyle business.

Solve THAT problem?

And your dream of being successful online will quickly come to fruition.

For example… 

Think of the price of the product you want to sell online.

Could be a $47 /mo membership…

A $997 sale or commission…

Or even high ticket marketing services for $2,000 per month.


Now, let’s say you got 100 clicks to your sales page every single day…

Let’s also assume you convert just 1% of those clicks into sales (average for cold traffic).

So, 100 clicks X 0.01% conversion rate = 1 sale (a day.)

Now, let’s crunch some numbers.

If you only made one sale every single day, that would come down to 30 sales every month.

30 x $47 /mo = $1410 per month.

30 x $997 = $29,910.

30 x $2,000 /mo = $60,000 per month.

Now, multiply THAT number by 365 days in the year and that’s where things get crazy very quickly.

See what I mean?

Now, obviously, I’m over simplifying this but I think you get the point...

If you had a reliable way to get 100 hyper-targeted clicks to your sites, funnels and offers…

Without spending a DIME on ads…

You’d have to try real hard NOT to build a profitable online business.

So the question is... 

Where can you get those sacred 100 clicks every day for free?

Well, my friend, the answer is rather simple.

If you hop on TikTok today and start publishing VIRAL videos for your target audience every day… 

You’re almost guaranteed to get 100, 500 and even 1000 clicks daily!

You see, unlike Facebook, Instagram and other major social networks, TikTok’s feed is not overcrowded with ads and marketing offers. (Yet.)

Because of this, any TikTok user can get hundreds (and thousands) of views on almost any video they post… 

Without having to spend a penny on ads!

But what’s even better…

These views translate into followers, traffic, leads and, of course, sales!

I know what you may be thinking,

“But Neil, I don’t know how to create viral videos!

I don’t want to show my face on camera!

I get it. 

That’s why we’ve developed VideoTik.

VideoTik allows you to find, convert into a TikTok-friendly format and auto-publish… 

Thousands of VIRAL videos across all niches and industries… in a single click!

You can use these videos I’m talking about without permission from their creators.

But most importantly…

These videos are ALREADY proven to generate engagement! 

Go here to see VideoTik in action now!

So these videos WILL get views.

They WILL bring in followers.

They WILL bring in scores of clicks.

They WILL bring in leads and sales!

I show you everything you need to take advantage of this extremely time-sensitive window of opportunity here.

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