Subject: I've got Good and Bad news


I have good and bad news for you.

Let's start with the bad news:

There's only one day left to... 

Grab 7-Day Access to Template Club For Just $1!

This offer is expiring tomorrow. 

After that, the price will instantly go back up to $37/month.

But the good news is this:

If you subscribe to the Template Club for $1 before the offer expires... 

You will also receive our "Social Media Video Course” worth $297 ... absolutely free!

This training is designed specifically to show entrepreneurs...

How to create the most popular types of social media videos.

And do it with nothing more but their Viddyoze accounts.

No matter if you already have an audience or just intend to start building it from ground zero... 

This course will supercharge your social media efforts! 

It will provide you with skills, knowledge, expertise and confidence to start banging out top-quality video content for social media... 

Better than 99.9% of pros…  

Like it’s going out of style!

The program consists of 12 trainings. 

In these trainings, you will see everything you need to know to create and use videos on social channels to increase: 

- Visibility

- Engagement

- Sales

- Traffic

- Leads

- Brand awareness and loyalty

But you have to act fast. 

Subscribe to the template club for $1 here!

This is expiring tomorrow.

Subject: Get 518% more from your Viddyoze account

Hey ,

Short confession:

Your Viddyoze account packs so many features and money-making opportunities

Most people (probably you too) don’t get a chance to use their accounts to the fullest…

And… as a result…

Miss out on bundles of cash they could otherwise be making!

(If they knew about all the bells and whistles available at their fingertips.)

But let's fix that real quick for you.

In your new account there's a "learn" section. 

There, you'll find 7 short, value-packed video trainings.

These trainings, will help you master ALL the features of your VIddyoze account in minimum time possible... 


Making MORE (much more) money from each of your video projects...

faster than ever before!

You can access the "Learn" section by clicking "Learn" on the upper right corner in your Viddyoze dashboard.

Or simply...

Click here to access the video-trainings.

P.S. Most videos in the training are shorter than 7 minutes.

The longest video is 10m:25s.

So it won't take a lot of time to watch them

Yet, once you do, the number of ways you can use your account for better, higher-paying videos will simply blow your mind!

P.P.S. We recommend you start with the first video.

There you’ll see the right way to find a template that’s a perfect fit for your (or client’s) specific business… and… use it to create high-value video in 3 clicks.

It’s just 8m:27s long. Watch it here.  

You won’t regret it.

Subject: These 15 animations that can make you rich


Yesterday I sent an email telling you about a unique offer we put together for Fade to Black users:

Viddyoze Black Edition at 85% Off! (For just $7!)

A lot of people took us up on that exclusive offer. 

And they now have literally every single thing they need to make serious money with their videos.

However, we also received some questions.

Mainly, our subscribers wanted to know…

How “Black Edition” (a pack of 15 animations)...

Can help them make more money with their videos.

So here it goes:

In truth, “Black Edition” is the absolute easiest way to:

Shoot the perceived value of your videos through the roof!

Thus... bumping up the price you charge for your videos by as much as 200%  with almost no extra effort.

And here’s why:

“Black Edition” adds that last, extra touch needed to make your videos as professional as they get.

With Black Edition you access:

1.Logo Stings (video intros) - locks up your viewer’s attention right from the outset.

2.Lower Thirds - Give viewers subtle cues, important information, and even explicit calls to action... without disrupting the flow of your video!

3.  Transitions - Are the secret sauce for taking average footage and transforming it into a video that keeps your viewers on the hook the very end.

4.Outros - And finally outros make a bold statement and seal your message in your viewer’s mind!

All these add a lot more power to the already-impressive videos you create with Fade to Black. 

 But you know what else?

They also make your services worth much more in your client’s eyes!

So they will be happy to pay you extra just to dress up the videos with these fancy (and effective) accessories.

So… if you want to fairly increase the amount of money you make from each video job you do… with almost zero effort.... 

Click here to claim Viddyoze Black Edition for just $7!

P.S. You can customize animations in “Black Edition” and render out as many different intros, lower-thirds, transitions and outros for yourself and your clients as your heart could desire!