Private letter To Michael Filsaime (Founder Of The GrooveDigital INC.)

Michael, based on my research of your funnels at, I can Help you make up to 232% More Profits from the back-end sales of groove apps... With 0 effort on your part!...

Please read This letter before the page is taken down in:


Sounds like a hyped-up promise? Perhaps. But I believe I’ve got the chops to back it up. Let me show you how: 

Dear Michael,

Thank you for checking out this message. I know your time is your most valuable asset. 

So I thought it would only be fair to spend some time and pour some creative effort in return for a few minutes of your attention.


Why am I reaching out to you this way instead of a more conventional approach?

Actually, there are two reasons:

1. Firstly, I have something extremely important to tell you and I needed a way to make sure you'll read this message.

2. Secondly, since what I have to tell you is somewhat time-sensitive and concerns creative (yet highly-measurable) ways of increasing your profits at The Fletcher Method...

I thought showing off my creative muscles a bit with this little eye-catching technique would be especially appropriate.

Anyways, here's what this is all about:

My name is Ari.

I’ve been a huge fan of your work since the launch of Webinar Jam back in 2014.

I'm also been Groove Funnels subscriber for a few years now.

Great stuff!

I'm also an email copywriter.

And I specialize in bumping up customer lifetime value for software-based products (like, basically all your Front End products)... though email autoresponders.

My clients include:

Viddyoze, Kyvio, Render Forest, Bond and Kevin Halbert, Instagram University, 10web and others.

Now let me save you some and quickly show how I can help you..

Increase Your Back-End Profits For Groove!

This way if my services don't sound of interest to you, you can just close this page.

Since there would be hardly any sense your reading the rest of this letter.

Anyways, if you'd like to:

  • Dramatically reduce the churn/refund rate of any of your products! 
  • Segment your subscribers and send them offers tailored to what they need right NOW!

(Subsequently reducing unsubscribes and rocket boosting sales!)

  • Effectively upsell your subscribers on your higher-end offers... or higher subscription levels!
  • Cross-sell them on your other products!
  • Hook them on your products waaay before the trial is over and cut down refund rates!

(I have developed some unique, somewhat sneaky - but 100% ethical - engagement strategies for this one ;) )!

  • And... overall... make 100%, 200% and even 500% more money from each of your subscribers... without spending an extra red cent on Advertising... and... do it all on full auto-pilot...

Chances are high I can help you achieve all of this and make you more (much more) profits.

Bold statement? Perhaps.

But I believe I've got the chops to back it up.

Let me give you a little background, Michael:

Since 2015, I’ve been working with the son of the copywriting legend - Gary Halbert - Bond... on a fairly exclusive basis.

Bond is also the author of the international-bestseller and instant copywriting classic,

"The Halbert Copywriting method V3."

During the last few years, he thought enough of my skills... to choose me over hundreds of other copywriters available to him...

to write copies for his and his father's products.

(Most recently - the sales copy for the launch of his membership group called, "Halbertizing.")

In fact, if you've been subscribed to The Gary Halbert Letter, over the past 3 years...

Chances are high you've seen at least a few emails I wrote promoting Gary and Bond's products.

I still work with Bond from time to time and he's been an excellent mentor and a friend to me.

I’ve also mapped out and written autoresponders for some big IM products such as Instagram University, Viral Affiliates, Fade to Black by Viddyoze and more.

In between projects I did for Halberts and writing copy for IM products...

I’ve also found time to help a few brick-and-mortar businesses achieve some major successes in the mainstream media.

If you happened to be in Los Angeles somewhere around September-December 2019, you’ve likely seen the direct result of my work.

I'm talking about the multi-million-dollar public art installation The Walls.

Back in 2018, I put together a marketing campaign for a small sign- making company in Los Angeles called Front Signs.

One of the promotions I wrote for them reached the heiress of the multi-billionaire Annenberg Family.

And it was convincing enough for her to overlook dozens of their vendors and...

Hire Front Signs to produce "The Walls" for them.

So far, "The Walls" have been seen by 1 million people in person in LA and 20 million online worldwide.

Please don't get me wrong, XXXnameXXX.

I'm not telling you all this to brag.

But to give you a little taste of what I can do.

And here's THE MAIN reason I'm writing you, Michael:

Recently I delivered a massive project for Kyvio.

Within that project, I mapped out their entire back-end strategy.

I also wrote all their onboarding, retention, upsell, cross-sell, downsell, "webinar sign up" and evergreen launch sequences.

(Over 25 autoresponder sequences in total.)

After I delivered that enormous project I was sure I would need some time off.

So I didn't take any new clients.

But as it appears, it takes 1 week of watching Netflix for me to start missing work.


Right now I have a window in my schedule until August 15th.

And I want to fill that window with the best quality work possible.

And I believe you can help me with that.

Here's why:

I'm fairly familiar with the software you sell at Groove.

I've also recommended your other solutions to quite some of my clients.

(They loved it!)

Plus, based on my experience writing copies for Webinar Apps, Memberships, Funnel Builders, Video Creating apps, Chatbots and... honestly, MOST of the types of products you sell at Groove... I can say I'm fairly familiar with at least part of your audience.

So, I'm pretty confident I can help you boost the profitability of your back-end email sequences.

(Of course, I can tell for sure only after I learn more about the inner workings of your back-end funnels.)

What I'm looking for Michael, is a way in. 

Any reasonable assignment.

Maybe an onboarding or upsell sequence for GrooveFunnels' back-end, beat the control or something like that.

That way, if I can't absolutely, positively prove my worth to you... and... help you make more (much more) money from your promotions, I'm out!

Very little, if any, risk on your part.

If that sounds like something you're interested in... please write me back at .

I can send samples, recommendations from my other clients or whatever you need.

To get a quick review of my work visit my website at:

It's not quite finished but it'll at least give you some idea of what I can do.

I'd like the opportunity to work with you... and... advance my career.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Ari Nersisian

P.S. You must also know that I always aspire to build long term relationships with my clients.

As opposed to chasing new ones all the time.

This allows me to really get to know my client's products and his audience.

That, of course, translates to more profits for him.

But I also realize that a journey of thousand miles starts with a single small step.

So what I'm looking for now, Michael, is to make that small first step with you. 

Michael Filsaime