Private letter To XXXfirstnameXXX (CEO Of XXXcompanynameXXX)

XXXnameXXX, based on my research of your funnels at XXXsitenameXXX, I can Help you make $68,000 In 9 days Selling XXXproductnameXXX... With 0 effort on your part!...

Please read This letter before the page is taken down in:


Sounds like a hyped-up promise? Perhaps. But I believe I’ve got the chops to back it up. Let me show you how: 

Dear XXXnameXXX,

Thank you for checking out this message. I know as a CEO at XXXcompanynameXXX your time is your most valuable asset. 

So I thought it would only be fair to spend some time and pour some creative effort in return for a few minutes of your attention.


Why am I reaching out to you this way instead of a more conventional approach?

Actually, there are two reasons:

1. Firstly, I have something extremely important to tell you and I needed a way to make sure you'll read this message.

2. Secondly, since what I have to tell you is somewhat time-sensitive and concerns creative (yet highly-measurable) ways of increasing your profits at XXXcompanynameXXX...

I thought showing off my creative muscles a bit with this little eye-catching technique would be especially appropriate.

Anyways, here's what this is all about.

My name is Ari.

I’ve been a huge fan of your work ever since I read, “XXXproduct nameXXX back in XXXdateXXX XXXLine #1 &2

And I’ve been XXXsubscriptionnameXX subscriber for even longer.

Great stuff!

I'm also an email copywriter and a marketing consultant.

I've been writing sales emails for the IM niche for over 5 years now. 

(Product launch emails, webinar sign up campaigns, automations, flash sale emails... you name it!)


In the headline of this message I stated I can help you make $68,000 In 9 days selling XXXproductnameXXX. 

Sounds bold? Perhaps. But I believe I've got the chops to back it up.

Let me give you a little background, XXXnameXXX:

Since 2015, I’ve been working with the son of the copywriting legend - Gary Halbert - Bond... on a fairly exclusive basis.

You may also know Bond as the author of the international-bestseller and instant copywriting classic...

  "The Halbert Copywriting Method V3!"

During the last few years, he thought enough of my skills... to choose me over hundreds of other copywriters available to him...

To write copies for his and his father's products.

(Most recently - the sales copy for the launch of his membership group called, "Halbertizing.")

In fact, if you've been subscribed to The Gary Halbert Letter, over the past 3 years...

Chances Are High You've Seen at Least A FEW Copies I Wrote!

(Most notably, the sequence promoting the Las Vegas Seminar dedicated to Gary's 80th birthday... featuring speakers such as John Carlton, Caleb O'Dawd, Sam Markowitz and other marketing superstars.)

I still work with Bond from time to time and he's been an excellent mentor and a friend to me.

(In fact, the first issue of "The Gary Halbert Letter Of The New Generation" is going to be out in August... written by yours truly.)

Over the past few years, I’ve written emails for other multi-million brands as well.

For example, I mapped out and wrote all the back-end emails for Viddyoze.

(It's the biggest subscription-based video creation platform for marketers with over 150,000 paying users.)

And... over the past 9 months, these sequences I wrote boosted their already impressive profits by more than 20%!

(That comes down to upwards of $3M... all from drip campaigns.)

Another one of my latest clients is Neil Napier.

He's the founder of Kyvio - one of the biggest software publishers in the Internet Marketing space.

He is now making... $25,000 every single month... on auto-pilot...

From just 3 cross-sell automations I wrote for him!

Side Note: 

I've got 14 more sequences in the pipeline for Neil. By our modest estimates, once those are plugged in...

He'll be looking at a potential...

$1,000,000 increase in profits by the end of 2021! 

All generated on auto-pilot too!   

My other clients include Instagram University, Video Dyno, Funnelvio, Render Forest, and many more. 

In between projects I did for Halberts and writing copy for IM products...

I’ve also found time to help a few brick-and-mortar businesses achieve some

major successes in the mainstream media.

For example...

If you happened to be in Los Angeles somewhere around September- December 2019, you’ve likely seen the direct result of my work.

I'm talking about the widely popular, "travelling" exhibition - "The Walls."

Back in 2018, I put together a marketing campaign for a small sign-making company in Los Angeles called, Front Signs.

That campaign generated...

Over $3,000,000 in Business!...

...From companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Coca Cola and some other household-name brands.

On top of that...

One of the promotions I wrote reached the heiress of the multi-billionaire Annenberg Family - Anita Annenberg.

And it was convincing enough for her to overlook dozens of their vendors and...

Hire Front Signs to produce and co-promote "The Walls" for them.

So far, "The Walls" has been seen by 1 million people in person in LA and 20 million online worldwide.

Please don't get me wrong, XXXname.XXX

I'm not telling you all this to brag.

But to give a little background.

And here's THE MAIN reason I'm writing specifically to you, XXXnameXXX:

I’m looking to partner up with new 2 clients in the IM/Business space and help them make more (MUCH MORE) money from their emails.

Quite frankly, over the last couple of years I’ve gotten a bit lazy.

I've been making an extremely comfortable income working very part time... and now... I'm looking to improve on that.

(To be up-front, part of the reason why I'm taking on new clients is a business venture of mine went belly up a month ago. Apparently it takes more than copywriting and marketing chops to build a successful business. Who knew?)

Therefore the letter.

In your emails I see all that you are doing... and...

I'm embarrassed by my lack of activity!

 So now, I've decided...

I Really Want To Go For It!

And since you're "The Man" behind the "XXXproductXX" and the XXXproduct #2XXX...

I thought contacting you would be the best place to start.

What I'm looking for, XXXnameXXX, is a way in.

Any reasonable assignment.

A "beat the control," a "flash sale" sequence or something like that.

Something that will provide you an instant cash surge and show you my abilities in action.

That way, if I can't absolutely, positively "prove" my worth to you...

And help you make more (much more) money from your promotions I'm out!

Very little, if any, risk on your part.

If that sounds like something you're interested in... please send me an email at

I can send samples, client testimonials, recommendations or whatever you need.

To get a quick review of my work, visit my website at:

It's not quite finished, but it'll at least give you some idea of what I can do.

I'd like the opportunity to work with you... and... advance my career.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Ari Nersisian

P.S. I'm confident writing just about any type of copy. However, I believe, drip campaigns and product launch emails is where I really shine.

P.P.S. In the opening of the letter, I wrote that what I had to tell you was extremely important, and somewhat time-sensitive.

Let me justify that a little:

Right now, my schedule has an opening... and... I want to fill this opening with the highest quality work possible.

I believe you can help me do that.

However, I need to move fast!

It always seems, that when I do get openings... the vultures swoop in.

What I mean by that is... people try and hire me with ridiculous offers.

People I usually won't consider working with.

(Not bad people, just people that don't value my work properly.

My fault for not positioning myself correctly.)

However, I sometimes take those offers to pay the bills and my schedule fills up.

That's what I meant by extremely important and time-sensitive.

Probably more so for me than you.

But it would be nice if I could fill this opening with quality work... instead of "filler" stuff.

P.P.P.S. Before I cap off, let me address the headline of this letter.

We could start our collab with the smallest package I have to offer called, "Quick Launch."

"Quick Launch" is the simplest and most flexible product launch strategy there is.

It doesn't require you to create any new assets, videos or anything else for that matter.

All you need is 1) A product (It can be a new one or a product you haven't promoted to your list for a while 2) Have a sales page for that product and 3) 5000+ email list. I do everything else. I structure the launch, write emails that get people to the sales page and make them buy... all you have to do is upload those email in your ESP - that's it.

Most recently I did a quick launch for an Ecom training agency - Smarketa and it made them $68,000 in a span of just 9 days. (I've put together the entire campaign in a little less than a week.)

Let me know if this sounds of interest by writing me at